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You don’t have to surrender your life insurance policy or lapse it. If you need funds for retirement or medical expenses and you fit the criteria, we can help. See if you qualify by taking the 60 Second Survey below!

Half a million seniors lapse their life insurance policies and they  wished they had known about their life settlement options. Take the quiz to see if you qualify.

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Get cash for your policy and start living a better life now

Most people who sell their life insurance policies are over 65 years old or have a significant health impairment.
Eligible life insurance policies are Universal Life, Term and Whole Life.
Insurance policies with a death benefit of $100,000 or more are typically better candidates for life settlements.

How An 82-Year-Old Turned A Financial Burden Into $90,000 Cash

82-year-old Gordon S. had a $360,000 life policy that was no longer needed and unaffordable. He also needed cash as soon as possible for a financial situation involving one of his two sons.

Rather than continuing to pay toward an unneeded and unaffordable policy, Silverman Life Settlements went to work and got Gordon paid to the tune of $90,000 in cash.

A good father would do anything for his children and that’s exactly what Gordon did for his financially struggling son.

And thanks to life settlement agent Allan Silverman, Gordon received roughly $90,000 for the policy. Silverman also eliminated about $15,000 a year in premiums for Gordon.

If Gordon would have let the policy lapse, he would have only received about $4,000.

If you no longer need your life insurance policy or want to escape sky-high premiums, we encourage you to call life settlement agent Allan Silverman now to find out if a life settlement is right for you.

EXCLUSIVE Offer For Life Insurance Policies!

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